A report on the evidence of unidentified flying object ufo sightings and the existence of aliens

Robert Salas said one of his guards told him about a red, glowing object about 30 feet in diameter hovering above the front gate of the facility.

Retrieved November 24, from Encyclopedia. I was absolutely stunned because I was turning to the west looking for the distant Phoenix Lights," Symington wrote. What my immediate reaction was on hearing and seeing it, was than it was a spectacular meteorite that seem to be going too slow.

Photograph of an alleged UFO in New Jersey, taken on July 31, An unidentified flying object, or UFO, in its most general definition, is any apparent anomaly in the sky that is not identifiable as a known object or phenomenon.

We are now joined by About more witnesses were willing to testify under oath if they are given protection through official Congressional hearings. The Belgian UFO wave between and generated several thousand documented sightings of UFOs by civilians and government officials alike.

It was an electrical storm and ball lightning that caused the lights and the mechanical malfunctions, despite the fact that there were no reported thunderstorms in the area that night.

On the evening of August 25,hree science professors from Texas Tech were enjoying an evening outdoors in Lubbock, when they looked up and saw a semicircle of lights flying above them at a high speed.

And don't miss these fascinating news articles on UFOs. An F-4 fighter jet was set out to investigate, but as it neared the object, its instruments blacked out, forcing the pilot to return to base.

Unidentified flying object

However, before all that, in he thought he saw an alien spacecraft. LaGrange's Callaway Airport said they had no pilot reports but did not think it was a dirigible or blimp as they usually are given a "clearance" notice when one flies over the area.

UFO Day: What is World UFO Day 2018? What are the strangest alien sightings?

The literature they have produced since the s documents a variety of approaches to the questions raised by UFO reports. Scientists may have exceeded the "impossible" speed-of-light barrier at CERN.

In the early s, with Cold War tensions on the rise, the U. Passport was misread by some as an effort to depict the UFO phenomenon as a modern folklore folklore here being equated with delusion.

UFO (unidentified flying object)

There are many reports by competent observers of objects which cannot be identified by the witness, and which remain unidentified after investigation by competent investigators, and whose appearance indicates that they were manufactured, and whose flight behavior indicates that they were made somewhere other than Earth.

One of the phenomena closely associated with UFOs is the question of abductions of humans by aliens. Identification studies of UFOs Fata Morganaa type of mirage in which objects located below the astronomical horizon appear to be hovering in the sky just above the horizon, may be responsible for some UFO sightings.

Eventually, as Bowen's health began to fail, Gordon Creighton—temperamentally much like Keel—assumed de facto then, inactual editorship.

These have been interpreted as reports of UFOs, but may just as well describe meteors, and, since Obsequens, probably, writes in the 4th century, that is, some years after the events he describes, they hardly qualify as eye-witness accounts. Scores of people even reported talking to the pilots.

Zanfretta said to have been kidnapped on the night of 6 December and 7 December while he was performing his job at Marzanoin the municipality of Torriglia in the Province of Genoa. Unidentified Flying Objects and the Occult UFOs entered popular consciousness as "flying saucers"— the name an anonymous wire-service reporter gave to the silvery discs Americans were reporting by the thousands in the last week of June The area has long been a focus of public interest for citizens and presidents alike.

It has been observed that the report was "harshly criticized by numerous scientists, particularly at the powerful AIAA He safely returned to base, despite the faulty equipment.

Con Alright so lets get some ground rules to start. This is not the first time government and military witnesses have testified at the National Press Club about a major cover-up of UFOs.

They're all included in the thousands of declassified government documents posted to the FBI's new online "Vault. If you wish to keep your name confidential please so state.

That is one reason why the cover-up has stood for so long It was 20 meters in height. A group of about 20 former government workers, many of them military and security officials stepped forward on Wednesday to say they had witnessed evidence of aliens and unidentified flying objects and called for congressional hearings about such sightings.

A new report by New Scientist suggests that Curiosity may not have been the first rover to find evidence of life on Mars Aliens Conspiracy theorists claim to spot a 'dead ALIEN' on Mars - and they. The Truth About Aliens And UFO'S. There are too many UFO and alien sightings for it just to be a misidentification or a hallucination unless of course, the chemicals the government is poisoning us with are causing us to hallucinate, which is possible.

Sep 12,  · A UFO is an unidentified flying object that has been identified as a possible or actual alien spacecraft.

Unidentified flying object

Such objects include meteors, disintegrating satellites, flocks of birds, aircraft, lights, weather balloons, and just about anything moving within the visible band of electromagnetism. Unidentified Flying Objects UFO A UFO is an unidentified flying object. Many people believe them to be small saucer looking objects in the sky and other believe differently, but to.

Alien Existence Essay; Alien Existence Essay. Words Apr 11th, 10 Pages. Term Paper Are UFOs and Aliens Real? My research paper is about Unidentified Flying Objects or for short UFOs and alien life forms. I do not know what to believe when it comes to UFOs. An unidentified flying object, or UFO, in its most general definition.

A report on the evidence of unidentified flying object ufo sightings and the existence of aliens
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