Branding and mergers

By identifying these shared traits across the firms, the merged entity was better able to seamlessly present a story to the market about why the merger mattered and how clients benefited. Effective branding can help the merged entity enhance or preserve brand equity and customer equity of the merging companies.

How much should you pay for the acquired brand. How can we help you. As thought leaders and brand education and training innovators we originated an immersive, competitive-learning format that considers all learning styles and challenges participants to solve real world marketing problems.

A Failure To Integrate A stream of studies has shown that corporate mergers have even higher failure rates than the liaisons of Hollywood stars.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Shared Visions For any merger to succeed, the past has to be quickly replaced with a compelling new future, often a rebranding with a shared vision around which people can let go of the past and move forward together with confidence.

You should have carefully thought this through and scripted the messaging in time for the marketplace announcement. Both during and after the deal, decision makers should consider how they can create value from their brand, one of their biggest business assets.

Though restructured as a single entity, each part continues to operate under its original name and brand symbol.

In nearly two-thirds of those deals, brand strategy was deemed to have low-to-moderate priority in pre-merger discussions.

Acquisition Branding

One report by KPMG concluded that over half of them had destroyed shareholder value, and a further third had made no difference. Build the Brand from the Inside Out Once that path is developed, it needs to be put into action. It signals the strategic direction and vision, managerial intent and commitment to successful integration.

At the present pace of change, certainly more marketers than we can imagine. The need to rebrand all or part of an entity after a merger gives the firm the chance to consider how it presents itself to the public.

These decisive factors should exceed a simple sum of parts and the combined shareholder value. Keeping one, the other or both brands are not the only three options. When handled properly, a corporate re-branding can play a critical role in communicating strategic intent and ensuring that a productive relationship is maintained and enhanced with three key constituencies: The Blake Project Can Help: Designing the future of the merged brand portfolio requires an understanding of the customer base, competitive landscape and company priorities — and then putting together a plan that illustrates this vision by articulating a path to make it a reality.

One report by KPMG concluded that over half of them had destroyed shareholder value, and a further third had made no difference. In the claims department, this approach led to a re-evaluation of the claims processing experience from a client perspective.

It is easy to say that this could have been prevented by paying more attention to the brand, but blind trust in market value is not a guarantee for success.

The Blake Project Can Help: In the end, the new Unilever brand portfolio was stronger overall. Which elements of each culture should remain and which ones should be changed. There are at least a few brand-related questions at this stage. Call us at or contact us. Acquisition branding is penalized immediately at the time of the merger announcement, while business-as-usual branding has only a small initial penalty.

In integrating this newly merged organization, the company asked its employees to look at challenges from different perspectives through a series of workshops and guided discussions.

That’s the focus of my two-part series on the AYTM blog, Brand Strategy for Mergers and Acquisitions. Branding questions? Create a new market research study, and get the valuable answers you need.

Branding issues are myriad for mergers & acquisitions.

Mergers & Branding Strategy

First there is the question of why the merger or acquisition is even being considered. What is the purpose of the merger or acquisition? Branding Strategy Insider helps marketing oriented leaders and professionals build strong brands. We focus on sharing thought provoking expertise. It is important to reflect on the role of brands during mergers and acqui­sitions and to consider the opportunities they provide.

A big part of the problem is that of all the myriad complex decisions that senior executives make before and during a merger, one is mandatory and critical but often given short shrift: the branding of.

Mergers happen for what seem to be good business reasons – access to new markets and distribution networks, scale in consolidating industries, product diversification and new revenue streams, acquisition of strategic assets such as technology, etc.

Stronger Together: How Brand Drives M&A Success

Merging the Brands and Branding the Merger Magazine: Summer the total worldwide value of mergers and acquisitions topped $ trillion ina 38% increase over the previous year. A big part of the problem is that of all the myriad complex decisions that senior executives make before and during a merger, one is mandatory .

Branding and mergers
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Merging the Brands and Branding the Merger