Islamic management and its characteristics

This Westernizing process, foreign to the Islamic legal tradition, sought to transform Shariah from a body of doctrines and principles to be discovered by the human efforts of the scholars into a set of rules that could be looked up in a book.

Electoral Management

Islamic law was secular, not canonical The greeting " Salaam alaykum ", favoured by Muslimshas the literal meaning "Peace be with you".

Such examples of self-sacrifice abound in the history of Islam which made them highly successful leaders at that time. Instead the chiefs of Taif set the hooligans of the town upon him causing him and his companion Zayd to be injured during their escape.

Extensive efforts were made to translate many of the Arabic texts including Quran to Latin. In addition to the category of civil and political rights covered in the Universal Declaration of Human RightsIslamic law also recognized an additional category: Islam is an Arabic word which denotes submission, surrender and obedience.

Once the law existed in codified form, however, the law itself was able to replace the scholars as the source of authority.

But there are also sayings that put strict limits on the duty of obedience. Simplicity, Rationality and Practicality Islam is a religion without any mythology.

Islam does not believe in asceticism.


Employment trends largely indicate that men are the primary economic providers. Education Primary and secondary education are mainly provided by the state, although there are some private schools.

Characteristics of Islamic management : principles and implementation

Allah Says what means: In the 14th century, the Islamic scholar Az-Zarkashi spoke of "the permissibility of its use for medical purposes if it is established that it is beneficial.

With his back to the Mediterranean Sea and a seemingly overwhelming force in front of him, Tariq gave the unthinkable order to his men to "burn their boats. In Islam the concept of justice is at such a highest standard that no other system can compete with it.

So the starting point must be Iman. It does not ask man to avoid all things material. The Oneness of Allah, the Prophethood of Muhammad and the concept of Life after Death are the basic articles of its faith.

Islamic ethics

Its balance sheet size is improving with the passage of time. This is because Islam stressed the importance of and held great respect for learning and extensively promoted the learning culture. Objectives that I want to achieve Objectives that I want to achieve by studying the organization are as follows: He regarded physicians as "guardians of souls and bodies", and wrote twenty chapters on various topics related to medical ethics, including: Knowledge is indeed power and that is why it was highly recommended by the Prophet Muhammad pbuh.

Every great leader, every worthy achiever, and every person who achieved things which others thought were impossible had faith and belief.

Islamic ethics

Thus the basic articles of Islamic faith are three, viz.: The payment of Zakat for the ownership of the property is mandatory. He [God] adds to Creation as He pleases But just within the time period of five years, now DIB has an extensive network of branches, a wide range of Islamic Compliant Products, well-managed communication system and good return from operations.

They have robbed mankind of peace, contentment and tranquillity.

Fundamentals of Islamic Economic System and Its 7 Major Characteristics

The details of the scenario are described in Fujino et al. It teaches him that moral and material powers must be welded together and spiritual salvation can be achieved by using material resources for the good of man in the service of just ends.

It is the only religion, which appears to me to possess that assimilating capacity to the changing phases of existence, which can make itself appeal to every age. Van der Werf, G.

An unofficial collection of CRS reports on national security. The basic Islamic concept is that the whole universe was created by God, whom Islam calls “Allah” and who is the Lord and the Sovereign of the Universe. Some Basic Characteristics of Islam: George Bernard Shaw is reported to have said: “I have always held the religion of Muhammad in high estimation because of its wonderful vitality.

In this lesson, we'll look at the rise of the Gothic novel and its popularity, identify some of the major characteristics and themes of the gothic, and discuss a few examples from classic literature. Conception of Society and Its Characteristics from an Islamic Perspective Management Sciences, International Islamic University, KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, email: Conception of Society and Its Characteristics from.

Article. Islam, as a pool of worship and life practices, has attracted many researchers particularly in the humanities and social sciences to study its rules, laws, and guidance in relation to the modern theories of economics, law, management sciences, sociology, and allied health sciences.

Tehrān: Tehrān, the capital city of Iran and the centre of the province (ostān) of Tehrān, located in north-central Iran at the foot of the Elburz mountain range.

Since its establishment as the capital city by Āghā Moḥammad Khān more than years ago, Tehrān has grown from a small city to a major.

Islamic management and its characteristics
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