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When you've got to run to a telephone to start dictating, or when you've got to go on camera and start talking, the one thing you really need is to have a lead in your head. There are two basic types of leads: The proximity to the target audience of a certain event plays a large factor in whether or not a story is newsworthy.

And he wasn't just watching television but "Family Feud. This information was clearly the most important. They work because they meet the requirements of lead writing: News Magazines The delayed lead is a favorite approach of the news magazines for events that readers are already familiar with through newspaper and broadcast coverage.

Ratchford, candidates for Congress in the Fifth District, agree that financing Social Security is the major domestic issue facing the nation. Chancellor and Walter R. Here is a delayed lead on a feature about a man who runs a demolition company.

The more pertinent the information is, the bigger the story. The UP lead is in questionable taste. Mayor Lindsay listed facilities for public safety yesterday as his top spending priority for next year, shifting from his pledge of a year ago to make clean streets his first objective in capital expenditures.

Then the reporter played with some words that would express the plight of a man caught in coils of red tape. Teaching by example, with vivid writing, Mr. This time he ran a stop sign and drove 80 mph in a 45 mph zone.

They are the misery merchants and they prowl the streets of our city 24 hours a day as profiteers of human suffering. Notice the detail Buchanan supplies: The dollar costs have been enormous, to say nothing of the social costs.

Haile called a friend and said that the man was too old and that she could not marry him. E said than done, she muses.

Smith's weather forecast is a little joke. She could work the figures into the second and third paragraphs to explain the reasons for the high cost. Should I make it warned. Svenson, the prolific author of many of the Nancy Drew, Bobbsey Twins and Hardy Boys juvenile books, said that the trick in writing is to set up danger, mystery and excitement on page I to convince the child to turn the page.

The surest way to test a reporter's competence, editors say, is to see whether his or her leads on spot news events move directly to the point and are succinct and readable. The story is bigger if it impacts everyone. It doesn't have to be fancy, but if you frame it properly, the rest of the story will flow from it in a natural and graceful way.

Two days later, he again drove without a driver's license. The suspense is part of the attraction of the delayed lead. The reporter reached this answer down in the story, but his editor pointed out that voters want to know the opinions and positions of their candidates quickly in stories about politics.

This article covers some of the main aspects in making a news story relevant and newsworthy, but not all. What is the difference and who cares.

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The new edition features current developments in all areas of reporting, discusses the use of stark photos, provides dozens of new Internet sources and demonstrates how journalists use them. Fritz began his news feature about the centers this way: Sarasin and Williani R. Sarah isn't happy with her lead.

Mencher teaches students the fundamentals of reporting and writing news. Like Joshua, he blows and the walls come tumbling down. Now look at how the Daily News began its story about the same fire: As we have seen, the direct lead focuses on the theme of the event in the first paragraph.

Campbell, explained the choice of a delayed lead: Don Terry put this lead on his news feature: People want to stay current, and breaking news coverage grabs the attention of the consumer.

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News Writing and Reporting: The Complete Guide for Todays Journalist. Melvin Menchers News Reporting and Writing. Public Relations Writing: The Essentials of Style and Format. Writing and Editing for Digital Media, by Carroll, 2nd Edition. Contemporary Advertising, by Arens, 13th Edition.

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Newsworthy or Not? Melvin Mencher’s Essential Qualities for a News Story

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Melvin menchers news writing and reporting
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